Biodiversity From My Window

Photography Contest

In this time of isolation, we cannot wander afar, but curious creatures have chosen to move closer than ever before into 'our territory'. We want you to help us record this time in our lives, to celebrate the freedom humans have denied the wild.

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation invites all professional, amateur, and hobby photographers to submit photographs that capture the thriving natural world while we humans are incarcerated.

Spend time at your window, backyard, or private garden, without venturing out of your safe domain. There are birds about. Flowering trees in bloom. Night skies lit by a million stars. Distant mountains are now visible. Wild creatures that tentatively (or boldly) visit your turf.

The best entries will be published in Sanctuary's June 2020 issue.

Winning images will also be presented with Award Certificates and Merit Certificates, sent to all those whose images were chosen for display on our website.
How to Participate:

Send your 10 best frames by email to 

Deadline: May 17, 2020

Include the following details:

- Subject of Email: “Biodiversity from my window - Sanctuary Nature Foundation”. 

- A description for each image (name of species, where you spotted it and how you captured it).

- Your full name, phone number and postal address.

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. The contest is open for people of all age and nationality.
  2. Images taken by any kind of camera device are accepted (mobile phone, DSLR etc).  
  3. No baiting allowed (such as food placed intentionally to lure animals)
  4. The images must be shot by the participant himself.
  5. The images must be strictly taken without breaking the lockdown rules. (We will need confirmation on this by the participant)
  6. Images taken by forest, police, nursing staff, doctors, or those officially permitted to venture out are eligible and will be accepted. In such cases, the position/designation must be mentioned while submitting. 
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