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Sanctuary Asia began its journey one quiet evening in 1980. Sitting around Fateh Singh Rathore’s campfire under the banyan tree outside Jogi Mahal, Ranthambhore, Bittu Sahgal made an impulsive promise to his mentor that on his return to Mumbai he would start a wildlife magazine and galvanise urban Indians in support of the country’s wilds.

The first issue rolled out in October 1981, with no business plan, no editorial experience and no capital. Since then, Sanctuary has been chronicling India’s natural history and shaping conservation discourse without having missed a single issue despite wars, social strife and economic meltdowns. It is published monthly, with every alternate month’s publication dedicated to young readers.

In 2015, the foundation was established to manipulate the magazine’s wide network of conservationists, naturalists, photographers, writers and editors who run the several projects, campaigns and events that thrive under the Sanctuary brand. The foundation’s reach spans policy, advocacy, science, on-ground support for field workers and environmental education.

At the heart of our purpose lies the conviction that the economies of nations sit on a foundation of stable ecosystems. Sanctuary envisions a world with abundant biodiversity, a sustainable climate and an equitable future for one and all.

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Sanctuary Latest Issue

Volume 44 | Issue 04 | Apr 2024

Mass wildlife tourism has commodified the tiger. Our cover story asks us to reimagine wildlife tourism to truly protect habitats and benefit local communities. The photofeature offers a chance to reflect on our place in the grand scheme of things. Also in this issue, an Interview with Green Teacher Yuvan Aves, a journey through the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, Changthang, corals off Goa’s shore, the shocking sharks and rays on our plates, and a report on the Great Backyard Bird Count!

Sanctuary Cub

Encouraged by the support it received, three years after the first edition of Sanctuary Asia came out, a second magazine was launched in 1984. Sanctuary Cub is the first and still the only children’s nature magazine in India. With an aim to instill respect and concern for the environment and wildlife in young children, for many young Indians, Cub continues to be their first introduction to the wild and wonderful world of nature.

Currently edited by Tara Sahgal, Sanctuary Cub aims to inculcate in children an urgency to take action and the need to create a positive change in a society that gives little thought to its rapidly depleting biodiversity.

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Sanctuary Latest Issue

Volume 44 | Issue 05 | May 2024

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with the wild? For many of us, that love and wonder begins from childhood. The theme of this issue, ‘Love at First Sight’, takes a look at how love for nature has inspired many to pursue conservation and research. Sanctuary’s editor Bittu Sahgal reminisces on his first tiger. Take Action takes on the looming water crisis. Don’t miss the stunning photofeature, a White-throated Kingfisher rescue, and updates from the Kids for Tigers programme

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