Fakim Anti-Poaching Squad

Wildlife Service Award 2021

Forest guardians, community conservationists, and team players

Sometimes, to be able to give, you need to know what it feels like to have taken…
The Fakim Anti-Poaching Squad (APS) comprises former hunters-turned-forest-protectors who began their fight to protect their precious home in 2018, in the Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Kiphire district, Nagaland. The squad comprising Alemba Yimchunger, Lathrong Yimchunger, Shuven Yimchunger, Yansemong Yimchunger, Phukumew Yimchunger, Tutsumew Yimchunger, are led by Alemba, who convinced his people to transition from traditional hunting to protection.
The Fakim Squad also helps conduct wildlife surveys in the company of field conservation researchers. Their patrols help curb illegal activities, and information gathering on the status of flora and fauna documentation.
Guided by Suman W.M. Sivachar, IFS, the then Wildlife Warden of the Kiphire Wildlife Division, the Fakim APS has had very positive results. Their dedication is clear from the fact that apart from the team leader, none of the other members are permanent department staff. The squad serves as a shining example of how people can change, and how local communities could become the best protectors if they understand that their heritage and culture is threatened.