Dr Parvish Pandya

Joint Green Teacher Award (2010)

Dr. Parvish Pandya and Professor Sudhakar Solomon Raj have equipped their students with the knowledge they need to care for and defend nature.

Dr. Pandya teaches Zoology at Bhavan’s College, Mumbai and has shaped and guided an uncounted number of naturalists. He is a bird expert, plant expert, mammal expert, reptile expert... and more! For over three decades his greatest pleasure has been to share his love and knowledge of nature and spread conservation awareness to citizens’ groups, students and the public at large and he has also held training sessions for officers of the Armed Forces and academicians. A field man, he believes that the best education is imparted in the forest. The quintessential teacher, his greatest pride he says is watching his students evolve into naturalists and rational conservationists with the courage to act.

This is why we have honoured him.