Sanctuary Asia October 2023

First published in Sanctuary Asia, Vol. 43 No. 10, October 2023

Dear readers,

What is Rewilding? Does it mean letting nature heal? Does it mean restoring landscapes to the way they once were, before they were degraded? Or does it mean returning lost species to the wilds they once roamed? Rewilding, which includes ecological restoration efforts from the local to the global, offers us hope, and the possibility for more – more abundance, more beauty, and individual and collective benefits. Ensuring the continued functioning of natural ecosystem processes benefits humans and wildlife alike. The October 2023 issue of Sanctuary Asia explores the different facets of rewilding, in India and across the globe. Pranav Capila guides us through different restoration and rewilding projects in India, from Nagaland to Kerala, in a story that will bring you hope that yes, it is possible for us to restore our lost wilderness – as soon as we make an effort to go beyond mindless tree-planting.

Once you’ve read about the inspiring work being done across the country, step back and take a more global look at how to rewild the planet; meet Dr. Oswald J. Schmitz and read about Animating the Carbon Cycle; read about restoration projects in Europe, Chilean Patagonia, Australia, and more. Learn how rewilding relates to international treaties. Explore Sri Lanka and the rewilding of Sinharaja, then skip over to read about a Mud on Boots Project Leader’s work in Chamba. This issue also pays tribute to the late Aditya ‘Dicky’ Singh, who spent decades restoring a patch of land in Ranthambhore.

Don’t miss the fascinating photofeature on successful (and not-so-successful) rewilding attempts across India, from the pygmy hog to the desert roee, and read all about the trans-frontier conservation areas in Africa. Finally, check out the updates from Sanctuary’s projects across the country!

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