T Venkatesh

The bane of timber smugglers, Range Officer T. Venkatesh served in the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Karnataka for nearly seven years. Soon after taking charge, he apprehended key leaders in the timber mafia and ushered in a methodical approach to record forest offences. This brought down the frequency of violations drastically and raised the morale of his staff. He also instituted new and effective monitoring systems, which brought down the incidence of illegal grazing in the park. By reorganising his staff, establishing anti-poaching camps in his range and improving patrolling frequency, he dramatically changed the ground situation in the Bhadra Tiger Reserve. The best ‘certificate’ he could ask for was provided by nature, which responded by way of accelerated regeneration of wild species of plants and animals, thanks to excellent fire management measures he introduced in his range. He is presently posted at the Nagarahole National Park, where he continues his excellent work.