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The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Sanctuary Asia magazine founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal has been in continuous publication since 1981 and remains India's leading and best-loved magazine in its genre. Browse through select articles from our past issues.
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Reefs Of Tomorrow?: Dissecting Th...
Habitat In the murky waters off Goa’s Grande Island, Karan Deshpande and Nupur Kale discover a stunning underwater seascape and seek to understand.

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Eating Them To Extinction: Threat...
Eating Them to Extinction A visit to observe fish diversity at the Mumbai docks leads Raju Kasambe to discover the shocking extent to which endangered sharks.

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Valmiki Tiger Reserve: At The Jun...
Visiting the reserve in search of hispid hares, Gopinathan Maheswaran discovers a host of flora and fauna in multiple biomes of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

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K.M. Chinnappa: March 20, 1941 -...
K.M. Chinnappa Praveen Bhargav remembers the inspirational defender of wildlife who fearlessly confronted problems of poaching and timber extraction.

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Science In Conservation - A Conve...
Attempting to understand people’s perception of nature and science, Purva Variyar speaks with WCT’s Dr. Anish Andheria about the role of science-backed.

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Changthang's Fragile Balance: Nav...
Changthang’s Fragile Balance: Navigating Tradition, Conservation and Economics Idyllic images of Changthang hide the spectre of waste, boundary conflicts.

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Beyond Boundaries: Reimagining Wi...
Mass wildlife tourism has commodified the tiger. Can we reimagine wildlife tourism so that it contributes to truly protecting habitats and benefiting local

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Meet Yuvan Aves
Meet Yuvan Aves Naturalist, nature educator and writer, Sanctuary’s Green Teacher of the year 2021 Yuvan Aves opens up the world of nature to young adults.

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Humanimals - March 2024
HUMANIMALS Befriend your inner ape.

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Spaceship Earth - March 2024
SPACESHIP EARTH Space facts, jokes and more!

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Midnight Wanderer
MIDNIGHT WANDERER RESQ swiftly saves an Indian pangolin from the concrete jungle of Pune. By Tuhin Satarkar.

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Green Peeps - March 2024
GREEN PEEPS THE CUB INTERVIEW Meet Pemba Tsering Romo, 27, Mud on Boots Project Leader (2020-21).

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