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The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Sanctuary Asia magazine founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal has been in continuous publication since 1981 and remains India's leading and best-loved magazine in its genre. Browse through select articles from our past issues.
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Loving Birds in the Midst of a Pa...
Cooped up in his home during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, Shubhobroto Ghosh takes up birdwatching, and find solace in the beauty of birds all around them.

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Book Review: Marginlands
Shatakshi Gawade reviews Marginlands: Indian Landscapes on the Brink by Arati Kumar-Rao.

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Memories of MAPS (M.A. Partha Sar...
Vance Martin and Mimi Partha Sarathy write about the late M.A. Partha Sarathy, champion of biodiversity conservation.

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Of Lesser-Known Stripes Among Tan...
Tiasa Adhya and Justin Jones write about the first fishing cat population estimation in West Bengal, and the vital need to safeguard the species’ future.

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Meet Ruth Sophia Padel
The great-great-grandchild of Charles Darwin, Ruth Padel is a British writer, poet, singer, viola player, academician and conservationist.

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Fifty Years of the Chipko Andolan
In the year that Joshimath began to sink, the Chipko Andolan celebrates 50 years. What gave this people’s movement its everlasting appeal?

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The Bird Villages of Udaipur: Men...
Asad Rahmani writes about the avian diversity in these areas, and how local communities have come together to protect their biodiverse village wetlands.

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Losing Yourself. Finding Yourself...
Is there a way to counter the challenges of our times? The Japanese have an answer – Shinrin-yoku means immersing yourself in nature to understand ourselves.

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Take Action July 2023
Changes to the Forest Conservation Act may widen the scope of deforestation.

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Inbox July 2023
Letters from you!

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Quiet Kingdoms July 2023
The hidden life of plants and fungi!

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Kids for Tigers Update July 2023
The nationwide effort of Sanctuary and school kids to save the wild tiger and its habitats.

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