Stop Slaughtering Wildlife

First published in Sanctuary Asia, Vol. 40 No. 8, August 2020

Prevent the Next Pandemic 

Zoonotic diseases. Pathogens. Bats. Pangolins. Wildlife Trade. Deforestation. Vaccine. Long-term solutions. Questions.

COVID-19 has alerted us to re-evaluate our relationship with nature. Scientists, virologists, epidemiologists and evolutionary biologists suggest that more pathogen spillovers are inevitable unless we evolve a more sustainable relationship with nature.

It is for this reason that the Sanctuary Nature Foundation and The Corbett Foundation are coming together to launch the ‘Stop Slaughtering Wildlife’ – Prevent the Next Pandemic’ campaign.

(Left) An Indian crested porcupine for sale at Sonepur fair, Bihar. Photo: Shubhobroto Ghosh. (Right) The carcass of a Bengal slow loris hanging in a market in Nagaland. Photo: Hira Punjabi.

The aim of the project is to:

  • Work with key partners, food and health professionals, government agencies and local communities across India to create awareness about the impact of degradation of habitats and the commercial trade of wildlife species.
  • Community upliftment and generation of alternative livelihood opportunities.
  • Recognise grassroots conservationists each of whom are contributing steadfastly to biodiversity conservation and community engagement in distinct and measurable ways.
  • Work With Government Agencies, Social Media Giants and Advertisers to Target Online Markets Being Used by the Illegal Wildlife Trade.
  • Communicate the Consequences of Close Humans - Wild Species Contact.
  • Mobilise Communities and Decision Makers.
  • Slow Down the Pace of Species Extinction due to the Illegal Trade.

Sanctuary and The Corbett Foundation have launched a  Ketto crowdfunding endeavour for the campaign.

Donations raised will be used to support grassroots organisations and individuals who will work with us to build bridges with local communities and create awareness about the impact of close contact with wild species (for the wildlife trade, zoos, pets, etc.). Click the button below to head to the page.

Communities identified on the ground:  

  • Gond community in Khara village, nestled deep in the forests of Kanha-Pench Corridor, Madhya Pradesh. Read more here.
  • Rongmei Nagas community in Dailong, a picturesque village in Tamenglong district, Manipur. Read more here.
  • Pardhi community members Batal Pardhi & Mahila bai and Kheer Babu & Kunti bai of Panna. Read more about these Sanctuary Earth Heroes here.
  • Karbi community in a Karbi village along the foothills of Karbi-Anglong Hills, Assam.
  • Naga Community in Dailong village in Tamenglong, Manipur.

Project Coordinators:

Here’s a ready reckoner with articles, reports and other resources on the ongoing campaign to prevent the next pandemic.

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